Terms and Conditions for testing the RATP - CopSonic "AMY" app

Voluntary participation in the test of the "AMY" app created to warn pedestrians for incomming public transport vehicles .

  1. I voluntarily participate in the trial project for the AMY app (which is available via the regular distribution platforms and the "AMY" app store). I understand that this test is a simulation and that I
  2. I acknowledge that for testing the "AMY" app, no public transport vehicles are equiped with the present solution.
  3. I acknowledge that the AMY app is in its testing phase and that RATP and CopSonic Technologies assume no responsibility or liability for any information provided in the app as well as for any technical errors. In no circumstances, the RATP or CopSonic can be held responsible for any potential accident that could occure using the "AMY" app.
  4. For me as a test user, registration can be requested to participate within the framework of using the "AMY" App. For the purpose of testing the "AMY" App, RATP has the right to collect and analyse the following data and other information (relating to the provision, use and performance of various aspects of the testing and "AMY" app):
    1. Personal data (name, e-mail address, telephone number, SSN) which were made available during the registration for the "AMY" app
    2. App usage data to the extent the data does not include any sensitive information of the customers using the "AMY" App (data concerning simulated detections performed through the "AMY" App in connection with the testing e.g. (e.g. how many times I open the app, perform detections, etc.)
    3. Server Log Data
  5. RATP and CopSonic will process the data collected (including personal data) exclusively for the purpose of analyzing the "AMY" app usage and understand safety detection.
  6. As part of the test, I acknowledge that my data will be processed via the technology service provider CopSonic. CopSonic is a technology company that created the "AMY" app that will be used during the test. For the testing purposes, CopSonic will act as data processor on behalf of RATP¨. RATP are data controller in terms of definitions set by Data Protection Regulation of European Union 2016/679. The responsibility to decide the purpose and means for the processing of the collected data relies with RATP. CopSonic shall process the data only according to the instructions given by RATP. Such instruction shall be binding on CopSonic.
  7. For the purpose of analyzing the "AMY" app usage and understand safety detection, I give CopSonic my express consent to the processing of my personal data required for this.
  8. RATP itself will delete my personal data provided by me as well as all personal data processed in connection with app usage after a period of ten years from the date of collection (retention period). In justified individual cases, e.g. to clarify legal disputes between RATP and myself, the retention period may be extended to 30 years.
  9. I have the right to information, correction and deletion of incorrect personal data. The termination of the test or the participation in it will result in the inadmissibility of the data processing. This does not apply to the personal data collected during the test within the retention period for the purpose of evaluating the test results.
  10. This agreement can be terminated by all contracting parties in writing and in the app at any time in the case of the existence of an important reason, without observance of a time limit.

Montauban, 01.10.2019